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Carlton St. Moritz – The Blues Hour

Monday, February 27, 2017

       The Experience:  When I finish building my time machine, the first trip I'll take will be back in time. I'd go back to the 1930's and borrow the life of the blues singer Bessie Smith. As her impersonated character I’d go on a tour across the Atlantic. First stop would be progressive London, then poetic Paris to glamorous Gstaad. In company of Sir Louis Armstrong, I'd take the scenic Glacier Express train to Alpine Chic St. Moritz. We’d travel swingin' jazz and blues. This fictional sequence is naturally a dreamlike act typical of my nostalgic mind. For the moment, I am ...

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The Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Sunday, December 18, 2016

    The Experience: I am sooooo sure in my previous life I was either a cat, a human burrito or a kuscheltier baby lama. You may pet my head gently and I’ll be forever loyal to you. I am a firm believer the world would be a better place if people adopted a pampered lifestyle all about world peace and ‘happy-ending massages”. Where excessively catering to someone, or to his/her desires and wishes are highly encouraged in a Mario Botta crafted wellness nirvana. The idea of paradise may be predicted but the feeling of heaven was a surprise.     Stay with me on this one, ...

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Hotel Eden Roc – Ascona

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

  Wherever palm trees grow, that's where I want to go. I must confess: Mediterranean weather and California vibes get me every time. Small town roads, lively colored facades, palm trees kissing the blue skies, locally produced wines? Well, I can’t deny: it gets me… every, single, time! If anything else makes the cherry on the pie even more delicious, just throw an Italian anything into the mix, and I surrender. You can literally restrain my a*%#, because you just made it to the top of my favorite corners of the world, which means, I will be stalking you all year ...

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