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The Experience:

I am sooooo sure in my previous life I was either a cat, a human burrito or a kuscheltier baby lama. You may pet my head gently and I’ll be forever loyal to you. I am a firm believer the world would be a better place if people adopted a pampered lifestyle all about world peace and ‘happy-ending massages”. Where excessively catering to someone, or to his/her desires and wishes are highly encouraged in a Mario Botta crafted wellness nirvana.

The idea of paradise may be predicted but the feeling of heaven was a surprise.




Stay with me on this one, I understand the world can be a difficult place, and a spoiled person is not prepared for the true demands in life, where things will happen that will not agree with desires, that will interfere with attainment of things, and so on. But what if for once, there was a place in between, a place where one can feel spoiled without escaping reality? Where catering means primarily the expansion of a free space where strangers can enter and become gods?

While visiting the Tschuggen Hotel, I was invited into indulging a lavish hospitable lifestyle. I could order the world precisely how it ought be. It almost felt like I’ve returned to the sacred Eden garden, where everything I need was provided for me. The idea of paradise may be predicted but the feeling of heaven was a surprise. It almost felt like a sinner saying “yes” when she asks if there’s anything she can do. Perhaps this is what generosity looks like? “Here, you are my guest” signed Eve.







Things to do: 

1. Spa

I realized I should really be counting my blessings the moment I entered Mario Botta’s designed wellness center, the Tschuggen Bergoase. The interior space brings a sense-base phenomena due to the natural light cutting through the glass structure gracefully carved into the mountain. The experience I was about to embark, had a glass walkway to what I am calling:

“sensational and perceptional gateway to lifelike wellness nirvana.”

Indulgence comes in all varieties, but the five in one massage, called the Tschuggen Massage, is an external source created to reset someone’s entire existence. I’m not kidding you! The 75min on the massage table rejoiced my mood after the traumatic and  painful physical “sense data” caused by the elections. I think this will be a place of profound and beneficial recharge during the long-standing 4 years ahead. Book it now!





2. Ski with the locals

For someone that grew up in the boonies of the Amazon, had baby monkey pets, and hunted my food barefoot. Looking at a few peculiar similarities, I could be considered the Brazilian version of Heidi. The folklorical character loved by Swiss people across the Alps is the most notorious and internationally known figure representing a country proud of its roots. Heidi and Peter, were at the center of the celebration organized by the Tschuggen Grand Hotel for the winter re-opening. It felt particularly exciting to engage into a “Back To The Roots” Swiss mountain gathering. Despite the fact that  current societies slightly differ from the old days mountain communities to celebrate authenticity felt pretty refreshing.



See more photos.


3. Learn To Love Alpine Chic Decor


Alpine chic is a decorating STYLE that blends natural wood, stones and traditional textiles with designed contemporary pieces. The high quality craftsmanship mixes with modern fittings and fixtures that can stand the test of  cold to freezing weather. In the Alpine regions of Europe the weather can easily turn frigid , a sense of warmth and wellbeing with this type of décor makes the mountain experience so much more welcoming and comfortable. The result is a perfect balance between cozy and chic.


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Images courtesy of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel


4. Eat Amazingly Well

Please note this list doesn’t follow a priority list. If so, I’d have to make the food experience here number 1. Sorry to be such a teaser and leaving you with very little information about this one. But I am returning to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel again January 6th-9th for the “Dieter and the Girls”  a 3 nights Gourmettour with famous Michelin stared female chefs. Please check back again then to read all about the foodie scene here.  Just remember to give me a few days to digest and leave the food coma. For now, check out the Visual Story to see images of  traditional Swiss delights prepared by Alpenblick in Arosa during the “Back To The Roots” weekend.


5. Win, Win, Win A Week Stay

This 5 stars hospitality experience can also be yours. Here how to participate: 

Take a photo with a “star” and post on Facebook or Instagram with the hastag  #tschuggenstars . Winner will be announced Dec 24th!!

Merry Xmas!





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