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Wherever palm trees grow, that’s where I want to go. I must confess: Mediterranean weather and California vibes get me every time. Small town roads, lively colored facades, palm trees kissing the blue skies, locally produced wines? Well, I can’t deny: it gets me… every, single, time! If anything else makes the cherry on the pie even more delicious, just throw an Italian anything into the mix, and I surrender. You can literally restrain my a*%#, because you just made it to the top of my favorite corners of the world, which means, I will be stalking you all year round. Meet my new obsession destination : Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona.







While the rest of Europe temperatures are “falling” into the new season, Ascona acts like it doesn’t know skies are painfully grey just 10 miles away.

Seating in the lowest sea level point of Switzerland, immersed by the Lago Maggiore opulence, this tiny town is located at the southernmost region of the country. The mild mediterranean weather attracts visitors “chasing the sun” from the northern side of Alps. Making it a sweet little spot to enjoy a late summer serenade bliss.

Quick fact check: Ascona is Swiss of Italian mix. Once an Italian village, it was voted into the Swiss Confederation in the 1800’s when the Ticino Canton was founded. The picturesque  presence of Roman and Tuscan influences are seen on the local architecture brought in by immigrant builders who came from those parts of Italy. The twist in this mix is simply a town full of Italian flair and top notch Swiss hospitality.






During my stay in Ascona, I anchored at the Hotel Eden Roc . Its main architecture features trendy 70’s and baroque inspired art deco, fashionably and adequately fit for a James Bond film set. The well-deserved “five stars” status comes with the friendliest and most welcoming hotel staff I’ve ever experienced… meeting undeniably top quality lifestyle service, far away from the commonly sterile hotel staff who are only there to do their jobs.

As I’m in the midst of writing my first business plan, I surprisingly (wink wink) manage to find myself calling the day off and enjoying a Wednesday (let’s call the 5 days just a Wednesday for now) afternoon by the poolside and beach lounge. A prior visit to the hotel spa for a massage fix, followed by a sauna session, certainly set me into the right mood. I lingered around the property surroundings for an entire “Wednesday” with the same comfort as my own home.  After all is said and done, indulging into guilty pleasures in life should never be faced with so much resilience. So there you have it, the perfect idea of  “Dolce far niente” just got an official address.











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