Immensee – Switzerland



The Village

Immensee is a historical village with approximately 2,500 residents. A municipality in the canton of Schwyz, one of the founding cantons of Switzerland. The nostalgic quaintness is due to the restored buildings at the center of the curbstones village. A little market, a couple of family ran restaurants, a hotel, a flower store and an art studio. These are the only businesses at the center square supplying to all the residents and growing numbers of tourists. Swiss authenticity at its best; Keep it small and original!

In history, dated back to 1307, Immensee plays an important supporting role in the legendary stories about Switzerland’s most notorious hero, Wilhelm Tell. It is said that Tell opened a secret passage, known as “Hohle Gasse’’, between Küssnacht and Immensee to ambush and kill the villain Heinrich Gessler. Despite his mythological figure, Tell’s heroic battles inspired numerous victories leading the Swiss Confederation to achieve freedom.


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  • Anna
    March 25, 2017

    Lovely place, loved reading your story. Beautiful attire too 🙂 I live in france countryside known as Bordeaux which is the capital for wine lovers. Best wishes .

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