Carlton St. Moritz – The Blues Hour

When I finish building my time machine, the first trip I’ll take will be back in time. I’d go back to the 1930’s and borrow the life of the blues singer Bessie Smith. As her impersonated character I’d go on a tour across the Atlantic. First stop would be progressive London, then poetic Paris to glamorous Gstaad. In company of Sir Louis Armstrong, I’d take the scenic Glacier Express train to Alpine Chic St. Moritz. We’d travel swingin’ jazz and blues.

The Tschuggen Grand Hotel

I am sooooo sure in my previous life I was either a cat, a human burrito or a kuscheltier baby lama. You may pet my head gently and I’ll be forever loyal to you. I am a firm believer the world would be a better place if people adopted a pampered lifestyle all about world peace and ‘happy-ending massages”. Where excessively catering to someone, or to his/her desires and wishes are highly encouraged in a Mario Botta crafted wellness nirvana.

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Back To The Roots

For someone that grew up in the boonies of the Amazon, had baby monkey pets, and hunted my food barefoot. Looking at a few peculiar similarities, I could be considered the Brazilian version of Heidi. The folklorical character loved by Swiss people across the Alps is the most notorious and internationally known figure representing a country proud of its roots. Heidi and Peter, were at the center of the celebration organized by the Tschuggen Grand Hotel for the winter re-opening. It felt particularly exciting to engage into a “Back To The Roots” Swiss mountain gathering. Despite the fact that current societies slightly differ from the old days mountain communities to celebrate authenticity felt pretty refreshing.

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Hotel Eden Roc – Ascona

Wherever palm trees grow, that’s where I want to go. I must confess: Mediterranean weather and California vibes get me every time. Small town roads, lively colored facades, palm trees kissing the blue skies, locally produced wines? Well, I can’t deny: it gets me… every, single, time! If anything else makes the cherry on the pie even more delicious, just throw an Italian anything into the mix, and I surrender. You can literally restrain my a*%#, because you just made it to the top of my favorite corners of the world, which means, I will be stalking you all year round. Meet my new obsession destination : Eden Roc Hotel in Ascona.

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Immensee – Switzerland

When the perfect destination is just a few steps away from your front door… Yes, home is Immensee! A villa seating between the opulent Mount Rigi-North and the Chiemen peninsula on the enchanting Lake Zug bay. The perfect setup for a picnic on a clear blue skies winter day. Please come in, welcome to my little paradise!

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Les Diablerets – Switzerland

Les Diablerets “The abode of devils” is a Ski Resort in the french region of Switzerland. The village down below was named after the 3,210 metres (10,530 ft) above sea level ice-covered mountains. The first trace of the village is dated back to 1277. Les Diablerets have been known by the locals for its summer settings. Only in the 40’s, winter activities started to become popular. Today this skiing resort is a must to spot for beginners and intermediate skiing lovers. Ride up with style to the mountain top on the vintage red ski-lifts. But sadly their days are numbered because they will be replace by new ones in April 2017. So hurry up!

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50 things I’ve learned after visiting 50 countries

I was 18 when I first embarked on a solo journey. Since then, I’ve visited 50 countries. Every time I stepped into a new country, or visited it again, I’ve always tried to put myself as close as possible to the local culture and customs (literally). Today, when someone asks where I am from, I just can’t give one word answer. The truth is simple: your country of birth has very little influence regarding your true identity.

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30 epic traveling movies

Movies play an important role on how we shape the world we live in. They help to set an image in which most of us deconstruct reality. Whether based on real life or make-believe, at some point in our lives, we wish to experience what we’re seeing in the movies. Here is a list of 30 movies that have inspired many of us to embark on epic journeys around the world.

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konoba stončica -croatia

After trespassing the kitchen boundaries to capture the chef’s assistant preparing my meal for the “grill” – a person with serious knife skills and great quality of amusement – I found myself watching the gutting and the cleaning of “my fish” with much frenzy. He, the chef’s assistant, made sure to strike a pose for my viewing pleasure every time nobody was watching us. I’ve never felt so seduced by a sous chef before!